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Parade Volunteers

Natick 4th of July Parade – Tuesday, July 4, 2017  (update 1/26/17)

We will meet at the Wilson Middle School, 22 Rutledge Road.

Although the parade starts at 9:00 am, we will need volunteers to arrive at approximately 7:00 am.

* Please contact Peter Mundy at  to volunteer. *

Unit Marshals (10-12 people)
A unit marshal stays with his/her unit before and during the parade.  Unit marshals make sure that the unit is in the properly lined up, make sure those participants are traveling at an appropriate pace and are not throwing objects or candy to participants.

Banner Carrier Coordinator (1 person)
This person will coordinate the persons who volunteer to carry banners in the parade. She/he will make sure that we have enough people to carry banners during the parade. On the morning of the parade, this person will make sure the banners are put on the poles and will direct volunteers to the appropriate units.

Banner Collectors at the end of the parade (2 people)
These people will be located at the end of the parade (just past St. Pat’s) and will collect the banners and poles from the marchers).  Banners will be rolled up and prepared for storage.

Flatbed Coordinator
This person will arrange in advance of the parade, the number of flatbed trucks that will be needed for the event.   Flatbed Trucks are used for the bands and other groups that need to ride during the event.  This person will work closely with the Day of Parade Logistics Coordinator and the Parade Coordinator(s).

Check in Assistance (3-4 people)
These folks will greet and check people at the greeting tent during the parade.  They will tell participants which unit that they are located in and where  Please note that these folks will need to be at the greeting tent at 7 am on the day of the parade. These folks will work closely with the Day of Parade Logistics Coordinator and the parade co-chairs.

Collectors (10 people)
These folks will walk up and down the parade route during the parade and solicit/collect donations from people along the parade route. They will be carrying a collection buckets. Buckets will be emptied into coolers that will be located on the golf carts and brought back to Middlesex Savings Bank for counting & deposit.

General Volunteer
We will contact you as needed to see if you are available to fill in where slots remain.

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